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  • The JLS Campus is a multi-building site that contains a Video Production Facility, Employee Gym, five Lounges, Video Screening Facility, Administration Building, Call Center, Agent Services Building and JLS Sales Academy. 

  • In 2005 The JLS Family of Companies relocated from downtown Canton and purchased what is now the 3500 square foot administrative building. 

  • In 2007 the company purchased and remodeled what is now the 1400 square foot JLS Call Center

  • In 2013 the company purchased and remodeled what is now the 2500 square foot Agency Services Building

  • In 2015 the company purchased an additional 1350 square foot building that was occupied by a medical services provider to be used for future expansion. In 2020 that building was completely remodeled to house the JLS Sales Academy

  • In 2020 the company purchased another 1100 square foot building from the Cleveland Clinic for future expansion.


  • The administrative building contains the Accounting, Marketing, Information Technology and Executive Management Departments.

  • The parent company JLS Marketing Concepts Ltd oversees the recruiting of agents and the development of growth strategies such as the Platinum Partner Program from this building.


  • This is where the video content for JLS Sales Academy is developed and Zoom trainings are conducted.

  • This facility has state-of-the-art equipment and technology for producing and editing video content.


  • This facility is equipped with both on-site and virtual phone services. Telemarketers can work on-site or from home. The center was developed to accommodate both agent recruiting and consumer lead generation. 

  • It is acoustically designed to eliminate the background noise typically associated with a call center facility and to provide a comfortable work environment. The facility is equipped for eight individual agents. Each workstation is equipped with heated massage chairs for the comfort of our calling agents.


  • This building is used for agent meetings and small group trainings. The staff here manage issues related to agent and client services. Sales collateral and promotional materials are also organized and stored in this building.

  • The facility also contains three executive offices, conference room, workout facility and agent lounge.

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